An attention paid is as much a part of talented performance as is the showing.  Where does the talent lie?  Is it not a relation.  Is it not the currency of multiple concentrations upon a conspiracy of intention? Are we not misled when finding or missing our talent there, where only a part(icipant) therof acts.  Is, in fact, the illusion of audience participation not an obfuscation of the participation which audience, who knows what distinguishes them from the overwhelmed consumer, practiced before the term came along to deny their activity.

Stefan Brün directing with Katherine Greenleaf notating in the background, photo by Shannon Evans

in my first language, german, the creation of literary language is “dichten”, literally to thicken. I have always looked to language as a place to alchemize and distill – not just reflect – my experience into what is not yet. So here my place to press words. And also a place to write of what impresses, is pressing or is just annoyingly prescious.