I am co- founder and artistic director of the Prop Thtr, a two performance space building at 3502-04 N. Elston, for whom I direct plays, organize and contract performances by others, manage and publicize.  I also am currently an instructor at Columbia College’s Interactive Arts and Media Department, recently have been guest  at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington and Unit One at the University of Illinois and The Museum of Contemporary Art .  I am married to Jenny Magnus, with whom I share care for our daughter, Lena.

I write on Facebook with verve, have been writing short texts since about 1975, enjoy aphorisms, bon mots, quotes and quips.  I also like poetry, dramatic texts and have been dreaming about a staging of the story of Franz Anton Mesmer for so long now, I have watched the movie go by.  What interests me there, is close to what interests me in humanity generally: where the benevolent and malevolent co-exist, the visionary and the charlatan, the demonic altruism, a constant struggle between decayed moral codes and dawning ethical recognition, which makes up the complexity of human behavior even in its simplest moments.


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